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This business plan is prepared for Turkish business person Mr Yusuf Sefa Tosun’s education consulting and student coaching business to be established in the UK. The plan is based on the information, data and market research findings that Mr Tosun has provided.

Safha Consultancy Ltd. is planning to be established by Mr Yusuf Sefa Tosun for satisfying the needs of education consulting services and student coaching in the UK specifically London. Mr Tosun will provide cost-effective and high-quality services. He will help and advice families to reach their maximum potential and gain access to the very best of education.

Mr Yusuf Sefa Tosun’s education consultancy services will include school placement, university placement, managing application process, independent school management etc. Student coaching services are designed for increasing the well-being of the students while focus on students’ success academically. These services can be named as; meeting with students to create warming environment and develop fostering relationship, then measuring the students’ weaknesses and strengths. After figuring out these aspects of the students, then focus on improving the weaknesses, while keeping stable growth on the strong aspects. Apart from these measured weakness and strengths, Mr Yusuf Sefa Tosun will focus on the actualization of the potential of the students by supporting them.

Once he receives the ECAA2 Turkish Businessperson visa, Mr Yusuf Sefa Tosun will establish his business as a limited company registered in England and Wales. Mr Tosun will be the sole owner of Smart Consultancy Ltd., the tentative name of the company that he will establish, and he will manage all day-to-day affairs of the company.

Mr Tosun is planning to start his business in London. Thanks to the technological developments, he will be able to offer education consulting and coaching services to customers from all over the UK. Market research is based on the entire UK and the reason behind is that Mr Tosun will be offering services to his customers regardless of their city in the UK.

Mr Yusuf Sefa Tosun’s educational background in pedagogy and education allows him to provide student coaching and education consultancy services. Mr Tosun is an ambitious and hardworking person which aims to be effective in business life. Mr Tosun will not only be a good candidate but also, he will contribute to British society with his superior skills and working discipline.

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